In My Vobyos - Alina Negley

In My Vobyos - Alina Negley

When you see Alina Negley (@sassysamurai) you see confidence, energy, badassery... all the good stuff we celebrate at Vobyo.

But as I learned during my conversation with her for this episode of “In My Vobyos”, Alina lost everything when she was in the grips of an abusive relationship with a man who landed her in hospital, stole her self-worth, her money and her sense of freedom. Despite this, Alina managed to remove herself and rebuild her life, taking up boxing as a way to process and heal. Seven years on, she is only starting to share her story.

Domestic abuse has been on the rise worldwide since Covid, but it pervaded society well before the pandemic. We must talk about this!!!Domestic abuse is a never-ending prison for countless women, every day and *anyone*, including the strongest, smartest person, can be manipulated into a controlling, screwed-up abusive relationship, especially if they don’t know the early red flags to look for.

You can watch the episode on IGTV below and follow @sassysamurai 

Alina wears Vobyo's in white.


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