In My Vobyos - Claire Wasserman

In My Vobyos - Claire Wasserman

‘In My Vobyos' brings you bite-size interviews with badass women from the Vobyo community. We talk about the noise and impact you are making in the world, plus the grit, resilience and mess involved behind the scenes (at Vobyo, we believe the grit is the best bit).

To kick off 2021, I sat down with Claire Wasserman, Co-Founder of LadiesGetPaid, an educational platform that helps women level-up financially and professionally through webinars, events, and a thriving global community.

Claire has faced various trials of her own, from being bullied in high school to being sued by a group of men’s rights activists (see for details on that).

Nevertheless, as she shares in this IGTV episode, Claire has built resilience and overcome imposter syndrome by getting out there and doing the things she is passionate about.

As of tomorrow, January 12th, Ladies Get Paid is an actual published book, too (congratulations, @ClaireGetsPaid!).

You can find this episode directly on IGTV here or embedded below. Either way, watch and be reminded: We are unstoppable...
Claire owns a pair of Grey-Copper Vobyos. You can find a pair for yourself right here.

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