Covid-19 - Talking with Lauren in Shanghai

Covid-19 - Talking with Lauren in Shanghai


Vobyo celebrates women who are driven, bold and resilient; women who roll with the punches in the boxing gym and beyond. Covid-19 may not present like a literal straight right to the face, but we're all feeling the blows of this virus. It's during these crazy times when our resilience builds and when community counts more than ever.

That's why we are so grateful to Lauren Hogan, an American living in Shanghai, who sat down this morning to talk with us about how she got through the first couple of months of Covid-19 induced social distancing. Lauren manages three F45 studios in Shanghai, which of course were all closed down. Thankfully, two of the three studios are open again and life in Shanghai is returning to normal (gradually). Listen to her thoughts and tips on how to manage life-on-pause from an apartment building.

Lauren can be found on Instagram @hoghie

If you have any questions for her, please feel free to write them in the comments below and she'll gladly get back to you. We're in this together, whether that's from Shanghai, New York or anywhere in between.

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