IN MY VOBYOS - Aishetu Fatima Dozie

IN MY VOBYOS - Aishetu Fatima Dozie

‘In My Vobyos' brings you bite-size interviews with badass women from the Vobyo sneaker community. We talk about the noise and impact you are making in the world, plus the grit, resilience (and mess!) involved behind the scenes (at Vobyo, we believe the grit is the best bit).

In this episode of In My Vobyos, we talk to Aishetu Fatima Dozie (@aishetu), founder of Bossy Cosmetics (@bossylipstick).

Aishetu, AKA Aisha, had a successful 20-year international finance career before founding Bossy Cosmetics, the "mission-driven women's empowerment company, masquarading as a beauty brand." As a Woman of Color, who has operated for decades in male- and white-dominated spaces, she is now bringing true empowerment, purpose and representation to the beauty industry - because just as we believe at @Vobyo, when we look and feel our best, we are empowered to show up as our best, most badass, BOSSY selves and to make great things happen.

Aisha is so accomplished, talented - a total boss. But it is not all sparkle and gloss. Aisha shares a little of the PTSD-inducing experiences of 2020, managing a business with three school-age children at home during this pandemic. Enjoy!



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