New York Tough - limited edition colorway

New York Tough - limited edition colorway
New York City is at the heart of the Vobyo story. There's something about the hustle of the city and its relentless energy, both exhilarating and utterly exhausting. There's something about the grit and the resilience of its people. New York City produces some of the strongest, fiercest, most compassionate hearts and minds. It is exactly this spirit we champion at Vobyo. 

But now New York is up against an unprecedented fight with the Covid-19 crisis. As of last week, the state has more confirmed cases than any country in the world, aside from the United States itself. As a new brand with >75% of its community within NYC, Vobyo wishes to contribute what we can to this fight. 
So, as soon as production re-starts at our workshop in Portugal, Vobyo will produce and release a limited edition New York Tough colorway. Inspired by the colors of the New York flag, our wish is to honor the incredible work of all frontline workers and to inspire us all to stay in the fight. 

A portion of profits of this colorway will be donated to the New York Food Bank.


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In the meantime, stay strong and healthy. 

Sarah Soulie


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