Try these live boxing-inspired workouts

Try these live boxing-inspired workouts


Vobyo ambassadors are bringing live boxing-inspired workouts TO YOUR HOME and they are not to be missed.

While we cannot wait to get back to training IRL (mitt work, we miss you so bad!), we truly appreciate the option to access world-class at-home workouts. A number of Vobyo's ambassadors are boxing coaches and fitness instructors who are offering such classes. Check them out below...

The Champion Experience by Raquel 'Rocky' Harris

World Kickboxing champion, Raquel Harris, brings you WARM UP, an intense 45-minute workout incorporating striking, conditioning, and recovery moves. Take these classes on IG Live with Raquel, plus some awesome partners and brands. You'll also find her workouts on Shape magazine's WFH series. Want personalized training? Book Raquel for an interactive virtual PT class (US$10 per class goes to a Covid-19 relief fund).

SCHEDULE: Check the Champion Experience's website  or Instagram for the latest schedule.

PRICING:  Free IG Live classes or book your PT class for personal attention.


Taylor Rae Almonte 

Catch her if you can! Taylor Rae can usually be found leading her pack at Rumble in New York, but right now she's taking over on IG for brands including Women's Health Mag (Thurs, 4/9) and Carbon38 (Fri, 4/10). 

SCHEDULE: Check her IG stories for the latest. You can also always revisit the class she lead on Vobyo's IG a couple of weeks ago right here (it was so much fun!). 

PRICE: Instagram takeovers are free but let's be sure to book with our fav trainers again as soon as we can!


Jenna Ortiz

Just because we've gone virtual does not mean technique should go out the window. Boxing coach Jenna Ortiz and her co-trainer Rob (@immrniceguy) teach correct boxing technique with their lively Shadowboxing HIIT classes. 

SCHEDULE: IG Live sessions are 12pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday | Zoom Sessions are Wednesdays at 3pm, Fridays at 5:30pm. Check out @anthonycrouchelli for Jenna's latest schedule and details or DM Jenna for info. 

PRICE: Zoom sessions are $10 a class (remember, Zoom is interactive so this is like a semi-private class with two trainers!). 


Other Vobyo fam who can be found leading workouts and/or inspiring us:

Sarah Digiovanni at Shadowbox (IG Live, various trainers)

Valerie Hervieux at THIS by Amen Fitness (world class workouts via Zoom!)

Let's support these incredible women and get a sanity-saving sweat in at the same time. ENJOY!

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