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Julie, pictured with Annie at Everybody Fights

Pictured: Annie O'Donnell & Julia Lisi at Everybody Fights

REVIEW #4: EVERybody fights

Next up on my NYC Boxing Gym Tour is Everybody Fights at their Club NYC location. Founded by George Foreman III and Anthony Rich, the gym’s mission is to “make you the best fighter you can be, in the ring and in life.” Everybody Fights encourages its clients to discover and utilize the reason they are fighting, with seven different locations across the East Coast, Midwest, and South.

The Workout 

I took a BAGS class, which is a 50-minute heavy bag workout that also includes conditioning exercises. The gym emphasizes the benefits and necessity of training like a boxer, and each workout incorporates the key components of a full boxing workout. This keeps the workout interesting and authentic and makes you a better and more fit boxer overall.

More Than a Workout 

You can NOT get bored at Everybody Fights. This gym offers many kinds of classes: TRAIN, BAGS, ROAD, MITTS, and RECOVER. There are many variations of each class type as well, allowing you to choose a boxing or cardio focus for your workout. In addition, you can also sign up for open gym and work out on your own. Every Saturday at 11am, the gym has a TRAIN Live class during which 72 people take the one-hour class together and rotate through a circuit that includes strength, cardio, and boxing exercises. But wait, I saved the best part for last: there is a LIVE DJ setting the mood for your workout.

"there is a LIVE DJ setting the mood for your workout."

You know the deal, let’s take a look at our criteria and evaluate Everybody Fights… 

How welcoming the gym is to newcomers 

Long story short, this gym is really welcoming. Even though it is more of an authentic boxing experience, it doesn’t feel intimidating. The staff and trainers are incredibly nice and so are the members. I felt a very strong sense of community at this gym. The Head Trainer, Geoff McBride, is very friendly and makes it a point to get to know his clients. I often find that the attitude of a gym is set by those at the top, and it is clear that the management believes in their mission, which is refreshing.

Level of focus placed on proper boxing form & technique 

In this group class there is very little focus placed on proper boxing form & technique. Because the class is so large and spread out, it is near impossible for the trainer to correct and advise on an individual basis. I did see the trainer helping a few people with their punches though, so it was clear that if you really needed help, he was there. 

This gym uses numbers 1-10 for boxing combinations, rather than the typical 1-6; 7-10 are body shots. It is pretty confusing if you haven’t taken a class there before as the punches are not demonstrated ahead of the workout. Luckily, I have a college degree and caught on eventually, so the good news is that the thousands of dollars of student loan debt I am currently in are not for nothing. 

I appreciate that this gym teaches more advanced technique than a typical group boxing class. We were able to work on body shots and overhand rights, which are usually absent from other classes. I also thought that the combinations used were at a good level for a class setting and enjoyed working on them. 

"I appreciate that this gym teaches more advanced technique than a typical group boxing class.”

Quality of the total workout 

This is a good workout, guys. A lot of time is spent on the heavy bag so you are not left wanting more boxing (unless you are me and want to literally box 24 hours a day), but the conditioning drills also hit your legs and abs for a full body workout. I definitely left class feeling like I put in work and improved.

Size of class 

The class is very large, with 43 heavy bag spots. The class didn’t feel crowded necessarily, but I did feel a bit lost in the mix with that many people in the room. For most of the class I couldn’t see the trainer demonstrating the punches because there were too many people and heavy bags in front of me. The workout felt very anonymous and it is mostly up to you to figure out what is going on. 

A note: I was on Bag 25 and I feel the need to tell you all to NOT ever book that bag because there is a large metal beam right behind it, and if you have long legs (or any legs at all) there is not enough room for a proper boxing stance without moving to the side of the bag. I appreciate that the gym’s structure is so clearly sound but placing a bag in front of this beam was really just not the move.

Fun/good vibes in class 

I took class with Jose Calderon who made the workout fun. He is very enthusiastic and upbeat which is motivating. He also played fantastic music which, if you have read my other reviews, is clearly crucial to my workout experience. Let me just emphasize that Jose updates. his. playlist. He had a Tory Lanez song in the mix that was dropped just last week (yes, that was me rapping on bag 25), so I can tell that if I were to keep taking this class, I wouldn’t hear the same five songs on repeat which is sadly not that uncommon in a workout.

"took class with Jose Calderon who made the workout fun [...] He played fantastic music which, if you have read my other reviews, is clearly crucial to my workout experience."

Supportiveness of the coach(es) 

Jose was supportive and individually fist bumped everyone in the class before the workout began. There wasn’t much interaction with the trainer in this class, but I got good vibes from him.


The gym was clean; no complaints here. The aesthetic is very cool, and a lot of thought was clearly put into the design. There is a staircase separating the main entrance from the gym, so I got all the mental preparation that my previous reviews reveal I so clearly need before a workout.


Everybody Fights offers the best price for value of the gyms I have visited so far. A single class is $30, but an unlimited membership is $199/month. The gym offers many different membership levels and class packages but if this is the gym you choose, the price of an unlimited monthly membership is well worth everything you will get out of the gym.

Likelihood I would return and recommend to a friend 

I already have two more classes booked and am excited to try (and recommend) all the other class types this gym offers!

Final Score: 4/5


Let us know in the comments! And in case you missed them, be sure to check the initial intro post from Julia, and her previous review of GRIT boxing, Work Train Fight, and Rumble.

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Julia Lisi at Everybody Fight
Julia Lisi at Everybody Fights.

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