Shoe Care

Vobyos are an investment! Each pair is handmade with premium materials, so your Vobyos deserve continued love and care. Below are care guidelines to help ensure your Vobyos stay fresh. Please email us at should you have any questions.  


  • To clean the leather upper, wipe away dirt with a soft brush or fine cloth. We do not recommend using detergents or spot cleaners, since these products can cause uneven color fading. 
  • A quality protector and conditioner that is suitable for suede leathers can be applied to the leather upper after each cleaning to help maintain its color and condition.
  • We do not recommend waterproofing the sneaker since the leather is perforated and it will not be effective. If in doubt, do not wear in wet conditions.
  • Please note that applying leather conditioners or waterproofing products may darken the color of the leather. 
  • Scuff marks can easily be removed on the plastic TPU piece wrapping around the rear of the sneaker. Simply apply a small amount of nail polish remover onto cotton wool and wipe. This is for plastic only - do not touch the leather during this process.


  • Leather shoes remain in their best condition when stored away from direct light and extreme temperatures. Leather that is stored in dry or humid conditions may become damaged. Optimal storgage conditions are humidity is 35-50%. Do not leave your Vobyos outside.
  • It is best to use a shoe tree when not wearing your Vobyos, to reduce wrinkles in the leather and to maintain their shape.